Detox, yoga, wellness………….

Our programs are designed for those who are ready to change their lifestyle and embark on a new journey to a healthier life.

The results are a slimmed body, radiant skin and a mind that is more active and alert.

The fast pace of life in the modern world is pushing mankind to the edge both physically and mentally.

Most people have a habit to eat whatever comes our way and regardless of the effect those foods have on our body. While we may know better, the inclination is to take care of ourselves tomorrow, perhaps, with little regard to today.

Processed foods are a root problem in the world today providing few nutrients, creating bulk, and generating an unhealthy body. The digestive system becomes overworked and unable to effectively process the intake leading to an overburden of toxins in the body.

We become tired, overweight and mentally unhappy.

At Atmanjai our programs are designed to provide the healthy essentials that will clean your body and heal many abnormalities within 7 days.

The result leaves you feeling energized and healthy, more mentally alert and relaxed.

It is a life changing experience.

Be well

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